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There are few considerations you must think of and carefully examine before "jumping" into these hobby!

1. Do you have the time?
2. Do you have the patience and passion for these fishes(Arowana)?
3. Any objection from your family members?

Just think properly and decide very carefully as if you just do it on impulse, most slightly you will abondoned these fishes halfway through your hobby! So forget it! Let say you are one of those few who can managed time efficiently from career,family,love and hobby then you may proceed with these very exciting and challenging hobby of these Arowana keeping!


1). Hunt for a tank.
Recommended minimum size is a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft. Tips:-try and hunt for a second hand tank and must come with a top cover(wood cabinet).


1). Get a filter. If you can afford,get an external canister filtration system.Tips:-eheim or fluval brand is good enough.

2). If you can't afford one,get the overhead filtration system but be prepared for more maintenance weekly job!


1). Set up your tank with the bought filter(I'll used external canister filtration system as illustration).

2). Fill up the tank with tap water up to 80% of the height of the tank. Set up your external canister filter. My recommendation:-
(i). The lower housing use pre-filter ceramics and zeolite carbon for mechanical and chemical system.
(ii). The centre housing use bio-balls or bio-max normally supplied by filter manufacturers for Biological system.
(iii). The top housing with the foam for powerful mechanical filtration before entering the tank.

3). Run the filter and add anti-chlorine(read instruction on the dosage)and bacteria solution(cycle,ocean free,etc brand)into the water.

4). Now, there are basically 2 ways of cycling the tank:-

(i).By fishless cycle method. These method is useful and easy to be implemented. Buy ammonia solution(pure ammonia-liquid type)and induced it into the tank's water.Pour about 10 drips daily till the seventh day....check the ammonia level daily. You will see that the ammonia level will slowly rise and peak before reducing till zero reading thus indicating that the Nitrosomanas bacteria has established itself! At these point you will see that your Nitrite level will peak(normal)....just be will take days as the Nitrobactor bacteria whose job is to tackle these nitrite has not established yet! Check daily till nitrite reading falls to zero. Confirmed check the ammonia and nitrite level to see zero reading....

(ii). Fish method...Buy some cheap fishes and introduced it into the tank. These fishes will urinate and excrete producing ammonia and the procedure will be the same as above but will takes slightly longer time to fully established your tank! Make sure confirmed ammonia and nitrite reading is zero(same as fishless method)...

5). Add black water extract into the "cycled" tank. DO NOT OVERFILLED!


1). Slowly "hunt" for your dream Arowana fish. May I suggest you if possible start with a RTG(Red tailed Golden)as not only it is cheaper but will turn quite outstanding once grown up and also if let say you failed.........sorry to say this! At least it won't burnt your pocket out!Remember this is your first ever Arowana fish that you have and mistakes might be common if you are not careful! But not to worry though as Arowana is quite a hardy fish and you can always get a better ones once you mastered the art

types of arowanas

this is the easy types of arowanas

red arowana

You should go find out how to care for this arowana at the internet or another website

asia arowana

Asian Arowanas are a carnivorous freshwater fish. They are normally a calm and placid tropical fish but don’t let this fool you. They love nothing more than eating meat. In the wild the Arowana has been known to jump out of the water over 2 metres so not only is it a meat eater, it is a powerful one.

In this post I want to give you a few tips on what type of food the Asian Arowana can eat. It is important that you feed your Arowana correctly to insure that they stay healthy and happy.

silver arowana

Brazilian Arowana or commonly called Silver Arowana has different characteristic, with long body shape and fin started from center of the body until end of the tail. Actually, these characteristics give very graceful impression when swimming. Silver...

Feed rate

Arowanas up to 6 inches – three times a day

Arowanas from 6 to 14inches-  twice a day

Arowanas above 15 inches –  once a day or alternate day.

Do not overfeed

If you over-feed your Arowana over a prolonged period it can affect their lifespan and also the potential for breeding. Try and stick to the timings above.

Food Variety

It is important to vary the type of food you feed your Asian Arowana because it will help your fish get the different nutrients it needs to grow healthily. If you stick to one type of food your fish may end up being deficient in any nutrient that does not exist in your chosen food type.

Live food v dead food

People say that Live food is better than dead food for your Asian Arowana. Now in general Live food does provide a more nutrition (and your Arowana gets some exercise trying to catch it) but there are some things to consider. If you use Live food then there is an increase in the risk of disease being introduced to the tank. I would recommend a mixture of Live and Dead food, which will not only lower the risk but will also give a well rounded diet.

Arowana food types

Live Prawn or shrimps – Great food which are rich in Vitamin A which will help give your Arowana a rich vibrant color. Very nutritious but don’t leave live prawns or shrimps in the tank too long as they encourage your fish to search downward constantly for them and hence may precipitate drop eye.
Prawn Meat – Use only fresh prawns and avoid frozen ones. I always remove the head and the hard shell body for any age Arowana as they are quite hard to digest.

Krill – Another great food if you can get hold of it. Don’t forget to crush the shell and then soak them to soften them up a bit before you feed them to a baby Arowana.

Crickets – Make sure you use a correct size of crickets for the size of you Arowana. Not too big for younger Arowanas and remove the hard shell cases for them. Try not to use wild crickets as they may have been contaminated. Try and get them from a good pet store that sell farm bred crickets.

Centipedes – A great food for your Arowana either frozen or live.

Live Fish – There is a higher risk of contamination with Live fish but the Arowanas love them. Make sure the fish are bite size and that they are not poisonous. You can use most small fish but i suggest not using goldfish. Goldfish are rich in fat and fatty foods may cause drop eye.

Fish Meat – You can use dead fish meat cubes as long as you trim away all the fatty tissue and you cut them into small size pieces. Avoid frozen fish meat as the removal of the protein could cause  liver and internal organ trouble if used over a long period.

Bloodworms – Used in the main for baby Arowana you can use them freeze dried or live but avoid frozen ones as they can upset the intestines.

Tubifex Worms – Try not to use these. Tubiflex normally congregate around sewage systems and as such have many contaminations. If you must use them try and get commercially bred Tubiflex worms.

Earthworms – Earthworms are probably one of the best foods for Asian Arowana. They are very rich in nutrients and  the risk of disease is minimal. Make sure you squeeze the soil out before feeding.

Pellets – I would not use pellets alone for Arownana food. They should be used as a supplement but not as its only food.  Some Aquariums will tell you it is OK and it may be for some fish but in the main they need the nutrient provided by the above food types. Try and buy pellets that are specifically for Arowana.

I hope you enjoyed this post and find it informative. I will be back soon with more tips on

basic arowana care

Arowana fish or Asian Arowana (Scleropages formosus)is one of the most favorite fish in the world. Great endurance, price and million lovers are little many reasons that make Arowana will be the legend.

Actually, Arowana cannot be spared from the commodity business. Collectors or lovers would buy little Arowana and then sell it when reaching specific size ("..I heard their profits reached up to 10x only in a year..").

In this lens, we will discuss about the tips and ways how to maintain and grow Arowana fish. In addition, I hope you also share other information about Arowana fish.

About arowana fish Many tips you should know in maintaining Arowana in the aquarium

Arowana includes Osteoglasidae or bony tongues families because the base of its mouth is bones that serve as teeth. In many countries, it has various nicknames, such as: Dragon Fish, Aruwana, Arwana, Arowana etc.

There are few tips on how to care for Arowana fish rightfully in the aquarium, so that your Arowana can grow well and not stress.

My First Arowana Died! problem

here is a guy who killed his arowana for feeding live food

Do you feed your arowana pellets or live food? I was and Shine (my arowana) died of feeding it live food (Bullfrog and Crickets to be specific)! I won’t make that mistake again! You should really know what you are doing when caring for your Arowana!                                                                                                                                                               I hope this does not happen to you

Be Careful of How You Care for Your Arowana!

Caring for your Arowana, without guidance can often be aguessing game. My first arowana was a very picky eater and I just didn’t know how to take care of it.

Now before feeding my Aro anything I check with the all-in-one arowana reference, The Arowana Care Book! This has all the answers you are looking for on how to care for your arowana. I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t the best book out there!

If you are new to caring for arowanas you must read this book! Its imperative, if not you may be doing something wrong and not even know it. Very much like I did.

I learned the hard way and I wouldn’t wish you or anyone to have to experience the death of their beloved arowana!

My New Arowana . 2 part of my first arowana died.

I just recently purchased my second aro, I have followed the book strictly and he is growing at a rapid pace! You really must buy the book, if you really care for your Arowana! I will post picture of him shortly! The best part about buying the book, is the the piece of mind that goes with it. I now know my arowana is being cared for properly.

Buy the Arowana Care Book today and take the guessing game out of caring for your beloved pet!